Eoin Lynagh

Eoin Lynagh

Youth Cultivator

eoin@solasproject.ie | 086.023.4815

Eoin is the community-based member of the Solas Project RUA Team and a member of the Compass Team. His role is to work with young people who are actively engaged in offending and high-risk behaviour. Through one-to-one and group work, his goal is to divert these young people towards becoming positive participants in society.

Eoin truly believes in the vision of Solas Project to see an Ireland where all children and young people know their self-worth and take advantage of their potential. He is enthusiastic about playing a small part in making this vision a reality. He is motivated by the resilience his young people show when facing challenges in their lives.

Eoin is originally from Dublin. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and traveling.