We hope to harness the innovation of the business community for social change through the development of a Corporate Think Tank.

Each of Solas Project's programmes are tackling complex social issues. Our aim is to have at least sixteen companies assist us with research on the development of solutions that will enhance three of our existing initiatives. 

This event is generously hosted by UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School.



Our volunteers face difficult, systemic societal problems every day. Our first priority is to offer support and healthy relationship to the young people in our care—but we believe we also have the opportunity to effect change on a larger scale. 

Consider Solas@School: this programme attempts to address the national problem of young people from disadvantaged communities under-performing educationally. Recent college attendance statistics show 99% of young people from Dublin 6 going to third level and only 24% from next-door Dublin 8. There must be a better way of ensuring that we see all of our young people reach and realise their potential, regardless of their socioeconomic status. This is where the Think Tank comes in. We foresee great value in presenting these types of issues to creative business minds in an effort to refine our strategic approach.


Participants from sixteen different companies will take part in a morning session (breakfast included), beginning with an overview by Solas Project staff of three social issues which are tied to three of our programmes (Compass, Step Up and The Club). The corporate attendees will then be divided into three workshops, each focused on one of the three social issues—and we let the creativity flow! Ideas and solutions for changes or enhancements to Solas Project programmes will be discussed and presented. The event will be capped at 45 attendees, three from each participating organisation.

When: Friday, May 27 from 8am - 11:30am
Where: UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


  • Increased awareness of relevant social issues
  • Deepened connection between companies, corporate volunteers and Solas Project
  • Realistic, relevant solutions for Solas Project’s programmes

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