The vision of Compass is to love every young prisoner in Ireland away from re-offending and towards a new life. 

We believe that the combination of pre- and post-release support services are essential to the successful reduction of reoffending rates. Through our Prison Programme, we provide a seamless, structured post-release plan delivering emotional support and practical assistance for young offenders. 

Compass starts by providing practical, meaningful activities for inmates, such as tag rugby, electronic music production and aquaponics. We hope to foster self-worth, character and motivation. Our voluntary participants are usually nearing the end of their sentence and preparing for release. During the in-prison programme, a pre-release meeting is arranged and each young person is invited to engage in a process of compiling a post-release care plan. Upon release from prison, the participant will be linked with a mentor as they follow the steps of their post-release care plan. It is our goal to see each young person successfully integrate into their families and community.

For more information on Compass, please contact Ashling Golden.