Our Vision

Solas Project's vision is to see an Ireland where all children and young people truly know their self-worth and can take full advantage of their potential.

Our Mission

To make our vision a reality, Solas Project provides a range of innovative interventions. We place high value on self-worth, character and motivation, working to address the socio-economic and educational imbalances faced by so many in Ireland today. Our programmes equip and empower children to live full lives and become positive participants in society. Through learning and mentoring, as well as personal and social development, we support young people to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Why We Exist

Solas Project is driven by the fundamental belief that all people are created in the image of God. This compels us to treat every person with love, compassion and respect. By building relationships and seeking the goodness in each child, we enable them to discover their own value.

Our Key Values

  • Through patience and unconditional LOVE, we empower each young person to develop a positive sense of self and make healthy life choices. 
  • We are passionate about JUSTICE and countering inequality. We see education as a powerful tool for creating greater opportunities in life. 
  • We raise young people's expectations, instilling in them HOPE for a better future. Our is a culture of affirmation, where every achievement is recognised.
  • JOY enables our work—fun and laughter are essential! We are committed to celebration and thankfulness.