The Yard is a social enterprise with the aim to equip young people with skills and knowledge that will empower them to fulfill their personal and professional potential. 

Our Skills Development Programme is a mentoring environment that builds and strengthens participants' abilities with the ultimate goal of increasing opportunity for employment. Projects in The Yard improve skills and awareness by demonstrating the benefits of teamwork. We share a common goal and measure outcomes to encourage growth in self-awareness. We hope participants will learn to identify their own life goals. 

The Yard Crew

The Yard Crew is a 16-week programme dedicated to developing personal, practical and business skills for young people age 16-23. Each member of the Yard Crew receives hands-on work experience, learning everything from woodwork skills and bike repairs to the ins and outs of running a social enterprise. The skills and the confidence gained prepare participants for employment—or even the ability to start their own venture some day!

For more information about The Yard, please contact Ashling Golden


The Yard Crew have been working hard in the woodwork shop and are ready to offer their beautifully handcrafted goods for sale through Solas Project! All proceeds will benefit The Yard Skills Development Programme. 

Check out the large array of products on offer in The Yard Shop.