Solas@School is back!

Solas@School is back again this year and we had our first outing with Solas College on Friday, along with 17 girls from 6th class in St Brigid's Primary School. We were also joined by two wonderful volunteers, Ellen and Garreth, from one of our corporate sponsors, McCann FitzGerald.


We set off for a fun day out in Trinity College Dublin where we were welcomed by the TCD SU President, Lynn Ruane, who chatted to the children about her role in the college. She then introduced us to Molly Kenny, TCD SU Vice President, who showed us to The Atrium building. Molly studied engineering so to help the girls understand a little more about her career, she set them with a task to build the highest free standing object they could, using only spaghetti and blu-tack. The competition grew fierce as the children split in to three groups to win the coveted prize of chocolate! 




Following on from that, Lynn brought the group to the Science Gallery for a private tour of the 'Secret' Exhibition where they learned all about the future of surveillance and privacy through an array of interactive exhibits. We wrapped up the day with lunch and a conversation about what the children had learned from the day and what they thought about the idea of going to college. 

Throughout the day, the children were encouraged to ask lots of questions and many of them spoke about what they would like to do when they finish their Leaving Cert. Solas College aims to introduce 6th class children to the idea of attending third level education and to breakdown perceived barriers they may have towards going to college. 

It was a great day and a great start to the year for Solas@School