St Brigids 5th Class take on the boardroom in Byrne Wallace

Tuesday the 24th of March saw the final week of Solas Business with 5th Class students from St Brigids Primary school.  Over the previous 4 weeks, four teams had been working hard with their mentors from Byrne Wallace to come up with a business idea, from concept all the way to creating a pitch for the board room. Last week, the girls headed into the boardroom in Byrne Wallace to face the 'Dragons'.  

The pressure increased as the girls took turns formally presenting their business proposals to Catherine Guy, the Managing Partner, along with two other 'Dragons' who scrutinized and queried their ideas to lay down the final judgement as to which team's proposal reigned supreme. In the end the group that developed "Secret Me" was chosen as the winner!

 The idea behind Secret Me is to provide a way for women to be fashionable and yet safe with a' thief proof bag' that can only be opened by the owner's finger print via a hi-tech finger scanner. The girl's also added that the bags could be personalized with different colored and designed straps. Great idea ladies!

 Secret Me will move on to face the winners from the other schools participating in Solas Business in the big final on May 15th. 

 A special thank you to all the mentors at Byrne Wallace who helped the girls develop their business plans for four weeks leading up to the final!

Solas Business is part of our Solas @ School programme teaching young people life skills while encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship.