Hilton Hotels go bowling!

We were delighted when our Charity Partners Hilton Hotel asked if they could arrange a fun afternoon out for 'The Club'. 13 staff members from the Hilton Hotels took 44 of our young people for an afternoons bowling in Tallaght. 

On arrival there was already alot of fierce competition between the children (even more so the adults!), it was great to see all the Hilton crew get stuck in and play on teams with them all, giving tips and the odd heckle!

We took advantage of the sunshine and had a picnic outside afterwards and everyone was delighted to receive a goody bag from our Hilton friends.

Providing encouragement and support is to our young people is what our Club is all about & we are so thankful to all of the Hilton staff for taking the time to get to know our amazing kids and look forward to seeing you back again for the rematch!

Thank you all so so much, certainly a day to remember!

Hilton 2.jpg