Claire Haworth: A day in the life of a volunteer...

Claire Haworth has been volunteering with 'The Club' over the past couple of months, we're delighted Claire was willing to give a little insight to her volunteering experience: 

My day as a Solas Project volunteer begins when the bell rings heralding the end of another school day. We wait in anticipation for what will emerge into our care and attention for that afternoon. The excitements and disappointments, hopes and fears of a bunch of eight to twelve year olds soon pile onto a bus with us as we journey back for dinner. I try to discern what is needed at each moment with each child I find myself with; sitting on the bus, eating dinner or doing homework. Each day is different, each child is different and yet we as volunteers seek to offer the continuity of our presence. Continuity within a world of difference, change and unpredictability. I get involved in the world of these kids for a few hours every week and we journey together. Whether it’s through a difficult maths sheet or an exciting chapter of a book, showing off our hiphop moves or learning gaelic football, I have learnt as a volunteer that it’s not so important what we do together so much as we are doing it together.


Thanks Claire, we appreciate all the love and time you give to our kids!

If you are interested in volunteering with Solas Project, visit our volunteer page