Solas Project Summer Programme! - We need your help :)

With the school term almost out - we are eagerly awaiting the start of Summer, the weather has been teasing us, but we have faith it's on the way!!

Every Summer, over July & August we look forward to running our Summer Projects for The Club & The Yard. It's a great way for us to keep engaged with our young people throughout the Summer months and provide a constructive, productive, but most importantly fun way for them to spend 3 weeks of their long Summer holidays.

More relaxed than programmes during the academic year, Summer project is all about new experiences, adventures, making friends and memories. Just being kids really.

Here's where you come in! The cost of one child to attend a week of our Summer project is €80, can contribute towards a child's Summer?

One of our favourite activities is to go bog jumping in Causey Farm - what child doesn't love being encouraged to jump in the muck!

Please donate what you can so we can bring everyone along!