End of year parties @ The Club

This week marked the end of year for The Club. The Club is our Primary After Schools programme and consists of three different groups comprised of Junior, Senior and Transition depending on what class the children are in. 

The Club supports children to grow up to be healthy, confident and caring members of their community. The children are collected from Monday to Thursday each week of the school year and brought to one of our three After School's locations. During their time there, they all sit around a table to have a home-cooked meal before getting some help with their homework and then finishing off their afternoon with a fun activity. 

As school has finished up for the Summer holidays, we decided to throw an end of year party with each of our clubs this week. All of the children (and adults!) had an absolute ball and, luckily for us, the weather was on our side so we even got to have some water balloon fights and face painting outside. This time of year marks a new beginning for some with 5 children graduating from our Junior Afterschools into our Senior Afterschools and 4 graduating from Senior Afterschools into our Transition Afterschools. As well as 3 young people making the big move in to secondary school in September. 

We are very proud of what our young people have achieved in their time with us and look forward to following their progress in the future, they are all destined for great things!