The Yard Crew

The lads in The Yard Crew have been very busy these past few months with lots of exciting projects on the go. The ultimate goal for The Yard is to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to gain employment and through personal development, identify their own life goals. 

The Yard Crew is made up of eight young men aged 16-23 and it is a four month long programme which involves learning how to build and repair bicycles, the art of carpentry and learning IT skills which will all benefit these young people in the workplace when they go on to employment or running their own businesses. As well as the confidence these young men gain through learning new skills, they also receive personal development coaching each week which aids them in realising their true self-worth and potential. 

In their woodwork classes, The Yard Crew take on projects of all shapes and sizes throughout the programme, building on their individual and teamwork skills. At the moment the big project they are working on is building a canoe, which is now starting to take shape and looks amazing! They also make beautifully handcrafted bowls, bottle openers, doorstops and pens. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the lads hard at work this week!