It has been an exciting week here at Solas Project with a new group of lads joining us in The Yard Crew last Wednesday!

Over the next 16 weeks, these young men will focus on developing personal, practical and business skills in order to increase their opportunity for employment. Through various activities such as woodwork, bike repairs and IT training, each participant will get an insight in to what it takes to run a business and the importance of teamwork and working towards a common shared goal. 

As part of this Social Enterprise, The Yard Crew will be crafting handmade wooden pieces which will soon be available to buy from our website in the coming months. The Yard Shop will include things like bowls, bottle openers and pens, as well as some made-to-order items such as rocking horses and candle holders.

We're looking forward to seeing what The Yard Crew get up to over the next 16 weeks and we'll be sure to keep you updated! 


If you would like to volunteer in The Yard or find out what's involved, click here for more information.

Handmade Pens