BlackRock kicking off with the next generation of Entrepreneurs

Session 1 went really well this week with Stanhope Primary School and new corporate partners BlackRock.

Solas Business is part of our Solas@School programme with a focus on three themes, building self-worth, character and motivation. These themes come together as a group of skills that develop the resilience and tools needed to successfully navigate the transition from primary to post-primary education.

In Solas Business we ask the kids - what is a problem you are facing and tasked to create a solution to address it. We've had some amazing ideas, from Bullybug, to Dog Lifts, a homework machine (who wouldn't love that!!), solar powered mobile phones (how do we not have these already)  to the 'Poover' (a personal favourite of mine!)

This week the kids learnt about the importance of first impressions, good eye contact & a firm handshake. They also kick started the innovation process and started to think about their business idea.

Thanks so much to our new friends in BlackRock, looking forward to seeing how things develop over the next couple of weeks!

If your company would like to get involved with Solas@School please email Clodagh O'Reilly -