Who wants to build a rocket?!


Who wants to build a rocket, the question every 9 year old dreams of hearing! For 7 weeks Solas Project are partnering with University College Dublin to inspire the next generation of young scientists.  Each Tuesday the kids from The Club make their way out to UCD.  On arrival they are greeted by scientist Philip Smyth, who takes them to the new O'Brien Centre for Science.

Once the kids have completed homework in the outreach classroom they enter the labs where science comes to life.  So far the kids have made catapults and launched their own rockets, as they learn about the effect mass has on movement. It's been a hugely exciting project for everyone, learning all sorts of new interesting things. 

Thanks to Philip and the staff at UCD who make this possible.  The kids now have UCD in their sights as a place to study when they are older.