Meet Our New Interns

We are delighted to welcome two new interns to our team this term, Lilith and Elisabeth.  

Lilith is a psychology student from Stuttgart, Germany and she will be working with our  Senior Afterschools Club.  She decided to do an internship in Ireland with Solas Project to help improve her English and gain valuable experience for a future career in psychology.  Lilith hopes to grow personally as she faces new challenges and opportunities.  Lilith will be with us throughout the summer and is already looking forward to helping out with Summer Project.  Unfortunately Lilith arrived in Dublin during one of the wettest weeks in April, so her impression of Ireland so far is that it is very windy and cold. (We have assured her that summer is on the way!)  On the up side she thinks that Irish people are lovely and welcoming and she is very happy to be here.

Elisabeth is also from Germany has been working with our Junior Afterschools club since January and will be with us until after Summer Project.  Elisabeth finished secondary school in Summer 2015 and applied for an internship with Solas Project because she loves working with children and is thinking about studying Social Work at University.  We asked Elisabeth about how she thought her internship was going so far.  

She replied, "When I started my internship I was really nervous, everything was new: the city, the language.  But I felt really welcomed by the friendly and open hearted peopled I met in Ireland, which made it a lot easier to feel at home." Elisabeth continues, "I am really grateful for everything I have experienced already and I am looking forward to the following months I will spend in Ireland.  The longer I work with the kids the more I feel I get to know them, understand them and hopefully make a positive impact on their lives."

We are grateful to our very hard working, international team of interns at Solas Project.  This year we have had interns from America, Spain, Wales, Germany, The Netherlands and Ireland.  If you would like more information about interning with Solas Project please contact