Solas Project - Think Tank

On Friday we held our first 'Corporate Think Tank', Solas Project now partners with over 15 local businesses who volunteer and financially support our programmes. We are grateful for how much they have invested in supporting our young people to reach their potential.

The Think Tank is a pilot initiative to challenge our corporate partners to really understand what it means to grow up in a disadvantaged area of Dublin and also brainstorm together to come up with innovative cost effective solutions to support young people and their families. 

The aim was threefold:

- Increase awareness of the social disadvantage Solas Project works to overcome

- Increase awareness of the work of Solas Project

- Increase connection within the corporate sector and the environments they are working in

We were delighted to have Senator Lynn Ruane speak on the day about her experiences growing up and what she believes are the best ways we can ensure each young person is supported to reach their potential. She also shared a very insightful experiment called 'The Privilege Walk' which was run in TCD in April 2016.

After a morning of brainstorming, there were some really creative and engaging solutions put forward as to how we can further support young people and we look forward to investigating them further in the coming months. 

A huge thank you to all our corporate partners that took part in the morning and also to UCD Smurfit for kindly hosting us. 


We look forward to sharing a report on our findings in the coming months!